Handlebar A50P - Lenker - Stuur

Grip Throttle OEM-Gasgriff - Gas handgreep

Grip Left OEM- Griff Set - Handgreep links

Grip Set OEM - Griff Set- Handgreep Set

Grip Throttle Alt. - 

Grip Left Alt.

Grip Set Alt.

Handle/Switch Left

Handle/Switch Right

Handle/Switch Set

Cable Front Brake 

Cable Clutch 

Cable Throttle 

Cable Choke 

Cable Tacho 

Mirror M8 Set 

Mirror M10 Set

Brake Lever

Clutch Lever



Engine Bushing (see ENGINE)

Seat Cover A50P (with passenger strap)

Buddy Seat Sport A50P (Black Chrome)

Front Fender

Front Fender Alt.

Front Fender Alt 2.

Rear Fender

Luggage Carrier

Silent Block A50P (10-23-37)

Footrest Bar - Voetsteunonderbouw

Footrest Peg

Footrest Rubber

Main Stand A50P

Main Stand Bushing & Pin

Main Stand Spring

Main Stand Hook/Bracket

Shock Absorber Rear (Alt 1) (Alt2)

Chain Case Chrome OEM 

Chain Case Chrome Alt. 

Battery Holder/Bracket

Battery Rubber 158mm

Fuel Tank Used Red 

Fuel Tank Used Blue /Black 

Fuel Tank Used Blue / Gold 

Fuel Tank Used Blue/ Gold /Red (with a repairable dent) 

Fuel Tank Used Dark Blue 

Fuel Tank Emblem "SUZUKI"

Fuel Tank Cap

Fuel Tank Cap lockable 

Fuel Tank Cap lockable  Alt.

Fuel Cock >> See FUEL

Frame Cover Left A50P

Frame Cover Right A50P

Frame Cover Knob 50mm

Frame Cover Knob 77mm

Sticker / Decall 1

Sticker / Decall 2

Sticker / Decall 3

Air Filter Rubber



Front Fork - Gabel used

Speedometer Bracket

Steering Lock

Fork Seals

Fork O-Ring A50P




Brake Nut Front 

Brake Shoe Front

Brake Pad Front

Front Brake Lever A50P

Cam Front Brake -Voorremsleutel A50P

Fork Caliper Bracket (A50P Brake Disc)


Brake Pedal

Brake Pedal Spring

Brake Rod - Remstang

Cam Rear Brake - Achterremsleutel A50P

Brake Nut Rear

Brake Shoe Rear

Brake Spring 33-1,3


Wheels / Tires:

Front Axle A50P

Front Axle Nut A50P

Hub Brush (Blue/Red/Green)

Rear Axle A50P

Hollow Shaft M16x1.5

Rear Axle Nut A50P


Spokes Front 160-2.5mm

Spokes Rear  160-3.2mm

Spokes 160-4.0mm  Front & Rear Chrome (sometimes needs small adjustment of the rim and or hub) 


White Tire Marker