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RV50 Parts

Suzuki Inflator





Non OEM Suzuki product. But a pefect fit.

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RV90 Parts

Brigestone Tires for Suzuki RV models



€228.59 €119.00


€228.59 €119.00

"We have a permanent re-stocking of these hard to find Bridgestone tires.  Keep this distribution-train going so that we can serve as much RV owners in Europe as possible. So order and pay your tires via the shop.  And we will directly place new orders for new tires.  There is always fresh stock underway, so if you need an extra pair of tires, do not hesitate and order your new shoes for your RV. 

Update: Delivery is confirmed 4- max 8 weeks delivery (28-3-2021)
Due to COVID-19 restictions & high volume in transport of goods via ship delays are possible. 

All tires from this shipment are already sold.

18/5/2021 New order is in progress. Updates will follow soon. Delivery of these tires will take at least 12 weeks from now. If you want to be sure of these tire. Just order them via this website. And you will receive updates via e-mail every 2/3 weeks.

The OEM Suzuki choice. Bridgestone. Made in Japan.


Fits RV50 models (1972-1983) (and some Honda CY50 CY80 models)

Bridgestone 5.4-10 36F (Front)  (55100-27230)

Bridgestone 5.4-10 48F  (Rear)  (55100-27230)

Tube 5.4 -10                                           (55200-27230)

Fits RV90 models (1972-1977) 

Bridgestone 6.7-10 50F TT (Front)  (55100-27610) "No longer available"

Bridgestone 6.7-10 50F TT (Rear)   (55100-27610) "No longer available"
Alternative availbale from 30/10/2021

Tube 6.7 -10                                           (55200-27130)


Fits RV125 models. 1973-1977

Bridgestone 5.4-14 44F Front  (55100-27620) "No longer available"

Bridgestone 6.7-12 55F Rear   (65100-27600)

Tube 5.4-14 Front                            (55200-27330)

Tube 6.7-12 Rear                              (65200-27330) "No longer available"

Check "More information" for putting your RV on the correct new shoes!

RV125 Parts

Suzuki RV Manuals


Suzuki Manuals

€35.00 €29.00

Suzuki Manuals

€35.00 €29.00

"There is a lot of information on the internet. But it is so much cooler to have your own set of documentation for your classic RV bike."


Service  Manual (Workshop Information)

Parts Manual (Parts Information)

Owners Manual (User Guide)