Suzuki CCI Oilpump Testkit

GP Parts Exclusive
€19.95 €12.50
Item number: GP88-CCITESTKIT

Perfect affordable tool to check your CCI system, oil pump performance.

An affordable alternative for the OEM Suzuki Special Tool.  Tells you in 20 minutes if your pump is okay,  or needs adjustment.

Delivered with easy to understand Instructions. (English/German/Dutch) 

With this product you can easily check the performance of your CCI oilpump.This CCI testkit is the "budget"version of the OEM Suzuki testkit. Fill it with 2 stroke oil, connect it with your oilpump and check if your oilpump performance is good or need any adjustment.

The CCI Oilpump Testkit will be delivered to you with instructions & workshop information.