Suzuki Fork Seals / Suzuki Gabeldichtungen - 27x39x10,5mm - A Quality

Item number: GP33-908080

Suzuki Fork Seals / Suzuki Gabeldichtungen

  • 27x39x10,5
  • Price per Set 2Pcs



Fits Models:

  • RM80-1977-1978
  • RV50 Fork Seals 1974-1983 L,M,A,B (Kayaba or Showa Fork)
  • RV90 L,M,A,B models
  • TS50ER

Set of 2 High Quality Seals 

Work Instruction:

Remove the fork - drain the oil - remove the washer under the screw cap - remove the Allen screws from below (maybe it's a Phillips slot originally) and squeeze the damper and let it pop out freely..the oil seal should then be come out of the holder. Back together and refill 98ml of oil